For all of its hundreds of miles of exquisite coastline, the Central American country of Nicaragua is curiously lacking in beachfront accommodations for travelers. A little digging makes the reasons clear: Land ownership has been ambiguous ever since the Sandinista revolutionaries expropriated large sections of land in the 1980s, resulting in endless title disputes today. Add to this a sensible national law dictating that no building may be erected within 50 meters of the high tide line, and ...
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Not a Religious Experience (But Also, Sort of, Having One)

My plane from New York landed in Tel Aviv on a Friday afternoon, and after settling into our hotel, my boyfriend and I walked pretty immediately across the street and down to the Mediterranean Sea, that body of water that was until then so firmly planted in my imagination as a glamorous playground of the West. There, along with the volleyball players and the sandcastle builders and the matkot games in progress (it’s sort of like paddleball, and wildly popular), a string of cafes had tables ...
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