Greyhound has been working hard over the past few years to convince potential riders that its bus service deserves a new look. The company is touting new and refurbished buses with wifi, power outlets, and more legroom than before. On a recent trip from New York City to Atlantic City—the “Lucky Streak” route—I had a chance to test out the new and improved Greyhound. The company gets no help in improving the experience from Port Authority, one of the drearier places I’ve ever had to ...
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Cat in a Buenos Aires Loft

Like many people in the fall of 2015, we found ourselves under the spell of a heatwave. A number of us had rented a four-bedroom palapa for a few days, up a hill from the beach town of San Augustinillo, in Mexico’s Oaxaca state. It had no air conditioning. By mid-morning each day, we’d make our way down to a modest open-air restaurant on the beach, spend the afternoon in its umbrella’d lounge chairs, then head back up as the sun finally began to let up. At the tail end of one of these ...
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