We've spent this year, and many before it, seeking out the products that will help us make the most out of travel--maximizing comfort, style, function and experience. With this first annual guide, we've collected the best into a series of gift recommendations for the traveler in your life. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays from us to you! (Ed. Note: We use affiliate links in this guide, which in no way influences our picks.)  
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The Happy Islets of Langerhans

“My journey seemed perfect, well, at least one part of it—a dolphin swimming in a kitchen sink.” I wrote these words in a diary on January 3rd, 2003. I have no idea why. They may not even be my words. I would not write them now, reality television having abducted the concept of “journey” for its weight-loss and amateur talent shows, where we hear it spoken before the onset of maudlin piano or swelling strings. On January 6th, I find this: “Ask ‘A’ about her form of epilepsy, see ...
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