NYC –> Athens on Delta Flight 40


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Flight: Delta Flight 40 from New York’s JFK to Athens’ Eleftherios Venizelos.

Date and Time of Flight: May 25, 2015. Takeoff at 4:26pm.

Boarding: The staff called for Business Class, Platinum members and Comfort+ passengers to line up to one side of the gate, with Zone 1 behind them and Zone 2 to the left of the gate. It was an unnecessarily chaotic boarding that would have worked better had they called one group at a time to the gate. But I enjoyed watching the periodic disgruntled flyer attempt to scam the system.

Seats: Seemed fairly new, had adjustable headrests. Recline was great, but that may have been a result of my sitting in Comfort+.

Entertainment: Individual touch screen televisions that worked well. Complimentary headphones. A good selection of movies and television shows, all free. Wifi was available for a fee.

Food and drink: For dinner, passengers had a choice between beef stew and pasta. My pasta was gross, covered with an apparent tomato and vegetable sauce. It came with a side salad, dinner roll, and brownie. Starbucks coffee came with real half and half. Beer, wine and spirits were complimentary for all passengers. A weirdly heavy egg sandwich was served an hour before landing.

Staff: Flight attendants were cordial and responsive. At one point, a passenger behind me (rightfully) complained about the frigid temperature, and the flight attendant immediately had the air conditioning adjusted.

Bathrooms: Clean enough throughout the flight.

Arrival: We landed ahead of schedule.

Misc: Taking off at 4:26pm for an overnight flight did not foster a night of sleep aboard the plane. I was five hours into a 10-hour flight before I could even think about closing my eyes, and by the time I drifted off it was nearly time for breakfast.

The author’s ticket was purchased with frequent flyer miles, plus $149 for an upgrade to Comfort+, which provided copious legroom and priority boarding. The author does not qualify for elite status on this airline.



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