Nights and Weekends in Greenpoint, Brooklyn


Before you order your first drink, the cash-only policy very well may lead you to the ATM sticking out of an old London phone booth just outside of this rebelliously shaped bar, sitting in the middle of an equally rebellious three-way intersection. It’s the first of many quirks. Another is that inside a New York City building, there are never windows all around, but there it is, here.

This is the exact point, I designate, at which Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood ends and Greenpoint begins. The address–1 Bedford Avenue–confirms it. This feels appropriate, given the brushed concrete, the would-be rockers (or is that one legit, at the next table over?), the skinny boys and the disheveled girls, the sense that maybe the former neighborhood hasn’t lost its edge after all, and that the latter maybe isn’t destined to.

Before succumbing to its wayward charms, though, you must not only understand but also respect the strength of the cocktails served at Nights and Weekends. Understand that the preternaturally pretty server will take your order like it’s the most innocent of things, and two drinks later you’ll be wondering if you can drink enough water to fend off disaster come morning. Understand that the likely answer is no, you can’t. The food is good, you’d be wise to order some.

Conveniently, the name of the bar also serves as its hours of operation. During all of these hours, it will be packed–the remarkable thing is that this will not bother you.

NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS | 1  Bedford Avenue, Greenpoint, Brooklyn | (718) 383-5349

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