Mexico City –> Huatulco on Interjet Flight 2651


In Flight Reviews, Flung writers provide key information about flights they take in order to leave the flying public better informed in an age of frustration, obfuscation and increasingly unfriendly skies. Here, we review the Interjet route from Mexico City to Huatulco, on the coast of Oaxaca and the most convenient gateway to that oceanside region.



Flight: Interjet 2651

Date and Time of Flight: Saturday, November 14, 2015; 2:35 pm.

Ticket Class: Coach

Boarding: The terminal in the Mexico City airport was nice but also besieged by an unfortunate smell. We powered through and ate some thoroughly tasty Mexican food along with micheladas in a restaurant near the gate while we waited. Boarding announcements were made in Spanish only, but it all went smoothly. Passengers boarded in a single group without being divided into zones.

Seats: Incredibly spacious. Previous-millennium spacious. This may have been one indicator that the plane hasn’t been updated since the 1980s, but we were not complaining.

Entertainment: None. This old dinosaur didn’t even have drop-down TVs overhead–another sign that this was probably an older plane.

Food and drink: Basic complimentary beverage service.

Staff: Friendly enough, but there wasn’t enough time for much interaction.

Bathrooms: I never used the restrooms, which is typical on short flights.

Arrival: On time. The Huatulco airport wasn’t run with a ton of organization, but it was so small that it didn’t matter, although the one ATM in the airport was out of service, which proved a moderate inconvenience.

Misc: The cabin was way too warm, a downside I bonded with my seatmate over using my sad, broken Spanish.

The author’s ticket was purchased directly from Interjet’s website as part of a round-trip ticket costing $287, including taxes.



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