Lexington, KY –> LaGuardia on Delta Flight 5252


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Flight: Delta flight DL 5252, two hours and three minutes long, operated by ExpressJet DBA Delta Connection.

Date and Time of Flight: June 29th, 2016 at 5:55 am.

Ticket Class: Economy.

Boarding: This smallish regional airport was relatively buzzing when we arrived around 5 am, but check in and boarding were both quick and stress-free. My mom, who lives in Lexington, told me that this flight serves a lot of locals who have business in New York City and who are enabled by this early flight to get there for their meeting and back in one day. The general vibe of the travelers reflected this.

Seats: So tiny that it was hard to access items stored under the seats in front of us. No outlets or USB ports.

Entertainment: None, neither personal TVs nor overhead ones.

Food and drink: No food was available. I slept through much of the flight but was never offered a beverage.

Staff: Perhaps the flight attendant I spoke to had yet to have a first cup of coffee. Not rude, exactly, but not friendly, either.

Bathrooms: Standard, which means small, but functional and clean enough.

Arrival: On time and uneventful.

Misc: I’d like to talk for a minute about how cold I was for these two hours in the air.  The vents at floor level blew icey air directly onto my poor feet. I used my travel pillow to block it the best I could, which meant I no longer had a pillow for my head. When I asked for a blanket, I was told that there were none on this particular plane. The frigid air/no blankets combo is a miserable one, especially in summer, when I was not dressed for the winter I encountered.

The author’s ticket was purchased using frequent flyer miles, plus an $11.20 booking fee. The author has silver medallion status on Delta.



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