Things I Honest-To-God Would Not Travel Without this Summer


There are some truisms in my packing routine. A small suitcase, always. Packed to the gills, probably. Keeping it light is a more realistic prospect if I’m headed someplace warm. Which brings us to today, an early today of summer. Beaches and pools and long walks and cold cocktails. Boats, boogie-boards, if we’re lucky.

Packing for summery travel; I can enjoy this. One can overpack on tank tops and sundresses without busting the plan for zero checked bags. I procrastinate, as always, but in summer, still I win.

And I’ve accumulated some tricks over the years to aide in that victory. A pair of sunglasses free of those awful nose pads; a dress that can go from boardwalk to bar; denim cut-off shorts; sandals that can go a distance, but can also get wet. In other words, my plastic Birkenstocks. Also as of this year, the kimono in lieu of the light cardigan–this one from Maje is kind of a wonder.

Slide through below to see exactly what I’m talking about.


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