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Greg Wands is a fiction writer and screenwriter based in New York City. He is currently at work on a feature film screenplay, as well as a short story collection.

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Alligator Pears

It rained as if the end of the world were on its way. Drops ricocheted off of the corrugated metal roof, the sharp pinging sounds interrupting an already tentative slumber. He had only managed to go under at all as a result of sheer exhaustion, but his nerves, tripwire-set as they were, wouldn’t let him be—not in the midst of such weather. ...

Life on the Road of Oversharing: Rick Moody’s ‘Hotels of North America’

In the preface to Rick Moody’s new novel, one Greenway Davies, director of the fictitious North American Society of Hoteliers and Innkeepers, explains what we’re in for: a collection of reviews from a man named Reginald Edward Morse, one of the more esteemed contributors to, a TripAdvisor-esque online hotel review site. ...