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Alice Stephens took her first international flight at the age of 9 months, and has been traveling ever since. She writes a monthly column for the Washington Independent Review of Books, Alice in Wordland (link below).

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A Journey Through the Foodiest Country on Earth, Family in Tow

There’s a joke told among expats in Japan that newcomers deem themselves experts in the enigmatic country after a week and write a book about it after a month. The library is filled with these books. Dave Barry has one. So does Will Ferguson. Add another title to the list, Michael Booth’s Super Sushi Ramen Express: One Family’s Journey ...

‘Tyler’s Last’ by David Winner: A Round-the-World Paean to Patricia Highsmith

On September 5th, 2001, Tyler, the eponymous character of David Winner’s metafictional novel Tyler’s Last, scrambles up a steep, garbage-strewn incline in a Spanish beach town called La Porqueria, which translates to filth in English. That’s funny, because for all its in-country charms, Spain abounds in overdeveloped coastal towns inundated ...

Fog and the Faroe Islands

At a point midway between Norway and Iceland, where the cold North Atlantic meets the even more frigid Norwegian Sea, a gorgeous huddle of islands sits subject to the vagaries of harsh Nordic weather. The Faroe Islands, 18 of them in all, comprise a self-governing territory belonging to Denmark. Along with their abundant rugged beauty, wild ...