Write for Flung

We are always looking for great writing to feature in Flung. Before contacting us, please take a few minutes to make sure that you are comfortable with our tone, which skews literary. A critical approach is also essential. We are not looking for travel writing per se, but for incredible writing that happens to contain an element of travel and/or a strong sense of place.

We do not ban press trips, but we do ask that you inform us if you’ll be taking advantage of one to complete your piece for us. We do require that if you go on a press trip, you do not guarantee positive coverage to those sponsoring it.

Please direct pitches and submissions as follows:

  • Reviews of hotels, restaurants, bars, flights, and books: Send a pitch to sarah@flungmagazine.com before visiting the establishment you’d like to review.
  • Essays and fiction: Please send your completed piece as a Word attachment or inline text to submit@flungmagazine.com.
  • Longform and shortform journalism: Send a pitch to sarah@flungmagazine.com.