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Jourdan Arenson writes in Eugene, Oregon about science, technology and the environment.

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Guided By Memory Through Two Thai Chinatowns

I started off with the right directions: Ride the Chayo Praya River boat to the dock for Chinatown; walk three blocks to Charoenkrung Road; turn right. Before we jumped off the boat, I asked in my rusty Thai if this was the dock for Chinatown. A boy said yes. But after walking for ten minutes, I realized he’d been following the Thai custom of ...

Gaining a Country, If Not a Language

When I lived in Kyoto, Japan thirty years ago, I didn’t like it much. I had a job teaching English to engineers who didn’t want to learn it. I quit after a year and left Japan. By then, I did have a Korean-Japanese girlfriend named Kwija. We kept in touch, she eventually came to the United States and now we’ve been married for 25 years. This ...