City travel is different from the other kinds. Comfort still has its place, but doesn't negate the need for style. If her idea of a good trip involves Paris, New York or Tokyo, this guide is for you... 1. Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella | $16.95 | Quick, name a major walking city where it never rains. Exactly. Every urban traveler needs one of these to tuck into her tote. 2. Parisa Wang Addicted Fanny Pack | $240 | Fanny packs aren't embarrassing anymore, and it turns out they are ...
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Notes on a Sunday Night in the Hamptons

The two lane road, even heading in on a Sunday, can’t help but get backed up with traffic that slows to a crawl. In a way I don’t understand, this is part of the allure of the east end of Long Island for the people who love it, the source of an essential bond. I was on this road, driving to Montauk with my boyfriend; outsiders whose understanding of the Hamptons is admittedly shaped as such. We were about to spend two days at Ruschmeyer’s Hotel with the most obscenely fortunate of them ...
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