For me, "travel shoe" has never meant running shoe or Teva. Maybe because in my early travel years I tended to travel to great world cities. Yet, I'm heel-averse, so have become adept tracking down the comfy walking shoe that's still got some cool. Loafers, ankle boots, and Vans have been my best friends over the years. Here are 13 of the best for your urban adventures fall 2017... *Flung uses affiliate links in this article. Read our Affiliate Link Policy here. (adsbygoogle = ...
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Guided By Memory Through Two Thai Chinatowns

I started off with the right directions: Ride the Chayo Praya River boat to the dock for Chinatown; walk three blocks to Charoenkrung Road; turn right. Before we jumped off the boat, I asked in my rusty Thai if this was the dock for Chinatown. A boy said yes. But after walking for ten minutes, I realized he’d been following the Thai custom of giving whatever answer the other person wants to hear. It was not the Chinatown dock. And now I had to lead my wife and daughter on a forced march ...
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