Sole Society Mason Vegan Travel Satchel

Vegan leather just keeps getting better and better. This travel duffel is gorgeous, ethical, and roomy enough to get its owner through a weekend away. The lower compartment holds shoes away from everything else–genius.


Acne Studios Fringe Poncho

This has to be one of the most versatile travel pieces out there, easily doubling as a blanket, sweater, coat, or even pillow in a pinch.


Baggu Crossbody Circle Bag

A good, small crossbody bag is a travel essential. Frees up the hands and sits secure on the frame. We love this sea foam color, which seems to go with everything.


Everlane Cashmere Sweatpant

These strike me as more jogger than sweatpant, which is a good thing. Ensconced in cashmere for an eight-hour flight? Absolutely sign me up.


Fleur du Mal Star Romper

The true test of travel-worthy sleepwear: Would you be comfortable answering the door for room service in it? This romper passes the test.


Star Hoodie by Alternative Apparel

Traveling in hoodies is the best. This star hoodie infuses a travel look with a grungy pizzazz that feels even more right.

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