Flung’s Seven Most Popular Stories of 2017


It will probably come as no surprise that two of our top seven stories this year had to do with the changes to the travel universe wrought by Donald Trump, or that our most-read story took a deep dive into Instagram’s influence on travel. Two others on the list offer tips on camping and glamping–traffic for which was clearly helped by stints of virality on Pinterest. I was also happy to see so much attention coming to a simple shopping story featuring great vegan weekender bags.

Why seven, you might ask? Because these are the stories that pulled away from the pack in terms of readership. These are the ones that struck a chord or provided the valuable information people seemed to be searching for this year.

Read on to peruse Flung’s seven most-read stories of 2017…


7. The Hotel Pool Enters Politics (This One Is a Trump Supporter)

“Some quick internet research revealed that to use the rooftop pool at the Marina Bay Sands, one must stay at the hotel. Which makes sense; despite its fame, this pool is a hotel pool. Rooms were comically expensive, but I felt close to ready to shell out for one night. Then I put it together that of course this Sands, like the one in Macao and like the original one torn down to build the Venetian in Las Vegas, was owned by Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire, Democrat-turned-Republican, and avid Trump supporter…”


6. How To Find the Real Colombo

“With all the newness taking center stage, the beating heart of the city doesn’t immediately announce itself. It’s easy to drift into a government-run tea house, gem store or handicraft shop, but good, authentic places to eat, sleep and shop can seem elusive. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Just under the surface of Colombo, there’s a fascinating culture to be explored…”

5. Everything You Need for a Perfect Bell Tent Experience

“A big part of the joy of bell tent camping, at least for me, comes from fulfilling what I call my “homesteading fantasies.” Unlike most other tents, the bell tent is an aesthetic gem, and a great catalyst for some temporary interior design ambitions. Below, you’ll find all things I used to create the bell tent interior of my dreams–in other words, this was my ideal glamping trip…”


Faux leather has come a long, long way...

4. 5 Vegan Weekender Bags that Leave Leather in the Dust

“For me, it’s getting harder and harder to justify wearing leather–especially when vegan leather bags like the ones I’ve collected here are out there for the toting. My guess is that even your most ardent leather lover wouldn’t be able to fault these weekender bags, which compromise exactly no aesthetic charm as they get you through a few days of travel…”


3. On the Border

“In southeastern Arizona, tensions run high, as they do near most militarized border crossings. Maybe it’s felt so strongly here because the border towns to the east of Nogales (which in turn is 100 or so miles west of Douglas) are smaller than border cities elsewhere. Or maybe, because the Sonoran desert is emptier and hotter here, it’s easier for things to intensify where there are signs of life…”

2. Packing for a Camping Trip: How To Do It Right

“Some people hike and camp for a week straight, stopping only to drop an insane pack from their backs and set up the tent for the night. There is no advice here for that kind of camping. But if, like me, you’re into packing up the car, rolling right up into the campsite, hunkering down there for a few days and making the whole thing as idyllic as possible, I’ve got some wisdom to share…”


1. Influence: How Instagram Made All Places Any Place

“Today, we have arrived at peak influencer. A search on Google Trends shows that the past two years have seen an explosion of searches for the term. In 2016, marketers spent at least $570 million on campaigns with Instagram influencers, according to the digital research firm eMarketer. My question now involves the extent to which influencers, and the newfound power they wield, have changed travel on the consumer level…”

Feature image courtesy Public Spaces/David Hodgson via Flickr Commons.


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