Democrats and Republicans Are Even Divided on Travel


In this weird moment we’re living through, United States citizens find themselves increasingly divided by their politics, and those differences extend to our travel preferences. According to a new survey commissioned by The Cashlorette, a finance blog for women owned by Bankrate, our preferred destinations correspond with our political leanings both domestically and internationally.

For domestic travel, Democrats most often prefer California, with Hawaii in a close second, while Republicans choose Montana and Alaska more prevalently than their friends across the isle . (Independents go for Hawaii.) Thirteen percent from each party made essential swing state Florida their number one destination (although, we have a hunch their destinations within the state differ).

When it comes to traveling internationally, 11 percent of Republicans say they wouldn’t travel outside the United States, while 5 percent of Democrats and 4 percent of Independents say the same thing. Another 7 percent of Republicans don’t know which country they’d like to see, compared to just 2 percent of Democrats.

Far more Democrats are drawn to France, while Republicans would look forward to a trip to Ireland in larger numbers. The one place we all agree on? Italy (pictured above, on a hill in Tuscany). It’s really, really hard to take issue with a trip to Italy. The food is just too good.

Perhaps most interestingly, Democrats are more likely to travel solo than Republicans. Thirty-three percent of Dems have gone on vacation alone, versus 21 percent of Republicans. Furthermore, 58 percent of Republicans say they would never travel alone, versus 48 percent of Democrats.



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